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AC Cabriolet 1964 model Cobra MK2 289 FIA 1964! at Aaldering Gallery

AC Cabriolet 1964 – AC Cobra MK2 289 FIA 1964! one-off! extensive history, very rare!

AC Cabriolet 1964 – AC Cobra MK2 289 FIA 1964! one-off! extensive history, very rare!


AC Cobra MK2 289 FIA 1964! Cabriolet 1964 new vintage car
Year: 1964
Body style: Cabriolet
Mileage (in Km): 4348
Stock: New arrival
Condition: one-off! extensive history, very rare!

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You will find the AC Cobra MK2 289 FIA 1964! one-off! extensive history, very rare! at our partner Aaldering Gallery. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this AC Cabriolet 1964.

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Specially built for the 100th years anniversary of AC Cars Ltd. Incredibly beautiful AC Cobra 289 MK2 FIA from 1964. Unique and original Cobra! It is a one off car that is completely handmade out of aluminium by AC Car Group Ltd. In March of 1996, AC Cars was put into receivership. Angliss stepped out of the picture and, after a lengthy period of negotiation, an English leasing company named Price Waterhouse purchased AC Cars, Ltd. The new chairman of AC Motor Holdings was Alan Lubinsky, a South African businessman. Soon they planned the production of AC Cobra’s. AC Cobra was launched and the new model named MK6 CRS rolled of the factory line. They planned to produce a limited edition of AC 427 MK3’s and a limited edition of only 25 AC Cobra’s FIA, built in special order. This because of the 100th anniversary. The 427 was a recreation of the original 427 Cobra S/C. These cars were issued with COB5 of COX5 serial numbers, starting with COB5001. The FIA was a recreation of the 289 powered competition factory team cars that Shelby American competed within 1964 and 1965 FIA events. The body is completely from aluminium, in sublime condition, very straight and has perfect panel fittings. Complete with flared fenders, cut-back doors, quick-lift jacking points and special tailgate to make sure the FIA ‘suitcase’ will fit. This is an original, handmade car with aluminum body. Equipped with 380 bhp strong 4.7 V8 Ford engine with Weber carburetors. Performed in her original colour ‘Viking Blue’. This AC 289 FIA version was issued with serialnumber COB1001. The rolling chassis incl. body costed 140.000 pounds without additional taxes, without engine and transmission. AC was in financial trouble at the time so they only built one example and that is this one: the Cobra with number COB1001! The rolling chassis was shipped to the United States and revealed to the audience during the NEC Motorshow in 1998. When the car was ready it was delivered to AC dealer Duncan Hamilton. The first owner was the owner of the dealership, Mr. Adrian Hamilton. It now comes from the second owner with only 4.348 miles! Equipped with historic technical passport, category competition GT car, period F (1962/1965) and confirmation from AC that it is an original example. The engine is in 2007 completely renewed by a Dutch sportscar specialist. Technically in top condition! Unique car, fully documented and certified!

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