Our exclusive VIP tours

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Do you want to combine luxury travel with your love of classic cars?

Do you want to visit the legendary race circuits in Europe?

Do you want to drive some famous classic cars?

Live out your passion with LEGEND21® and choose one of our exclusive VIP offerings:

  • VIP Tours (group / maximum 20 people, 6 – 7 days) 
  • VIP Trips (individual / 1 person – 1 couple, 2 to 4 days) which combine your existing trip in Europe (business or leisure) with your passion for classic cars
  • Premium options: be unique, only for you!

Our Tours and Trips are customised to ensure optimal indulgence in your passion in refined and elegant conditions.

They can include among others:

  • Drives in classic cars,
  • Access to race circuits, VIP access to exclusive classic cars events,
  • Refined and elegant accommodation and restaurants,
  • Our premium options for a unique experience
  • And much more…


We are also specialized in tailor-made exclusive tour!

Based on our predefined VIP Tours & Trips or only based on your specific wishes, we design tailor-made VIP packages in Europe and abroad. Just imagine, ask us and consider it done!

Share your dreams with us and we’ll transform them in a wonderful and exclusive experience, please contact us at contact@legend21.eu.



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