Classic Cars & Investment

Investment & Passion

Classic cars are gaining attention due to their nearly 330 percent returns over the past decade, as reported by the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index:

Why invest now?

We are seeing record prices set at major auctions and a record-setting run-up in values, with cars going to every imaginable point across the globe.

In the last three to five years, the volume of global purchases and shipments has exploded, driven by new investors, as opposed to casual collectors.

  • The increasing of social wealth, the increasing amount of wealthy people.
  • Lack of investing products, with quite a lot of limitations: stocks & real estate business suffer from lack of industrial standards and mostly affected by national policies
  • The majority of men & women love cars, there is a long history of people loving automobiles
  • The early stage of some new / recent markets (Russia, European eastern countries, India, Brazil, China …): external advicers and expertise are really welcome because there are only few people who have the adequate knowledge of the classic cars worl.
  • Legal limitation of importation: the formal importation of classic cars is still remained closed in few countries. However it’s a matter of time and to-day is a good timing to penetrate this new classic cars market and associated products and services.


Classic cars & investment conference

A 2 hours conference to understand and to know more about Classic Cars & Investment!


Classic cars: A passion or an Investment!

  1. What is a classic car – Definition
  2. Price Trends, market situation and segmentation
  3. To drive a classic car…and…
  4. .…to invest in classic cars
  5. Fund investment & classic cars
  6. The local touch (China, …)
  7. What to buy? & How to buy?
  8. Q&A session



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