Classic cars, old-timers, vintage cars: words that incite passion in us!

Our target audience is made up essentially of people who are aficionados and lovers of classic vehicles and who use them for their pleasure and leisure. Drives in cars, classic car rallies and ‘Concours d’Elegance’ are occasions that give them the opportunity to indulge their passion.

Based on this passionate and exciting profile LEGEND21® has designed exclusive VIP tours so that you can discover this extraordinary world in the most elegant and refined conditions that include:

  • Exclusive tour packages – Our “classic car” tours offer intense experiences in the most refined and elegant conditions. Tours during which you can drive or be driven in mythical classic vehicles on and around the legendary race courses of Europe.
  • Purchase of classic cars through our online catalogue or by special request
  • Online auctions of exceptional and rare vehicles
  • Repairs and restoration of classic cars
  • Imports/exports of classic cars : we handle all the necessary procedures, you enjoy your classic old-timer
  • Secure storage for your classic car in Europe with access to it at whichever location you choose within Europe.

LEGEND21® clients are:

  • People who love travel and who want to discover Europe and share their experiences of driving classic cars on legendary racetracks with other like-minded classic car lovers;
  • Collectors looking to buy classics cars;
  • Investors: classic cars are considered as valuable investments today*

LEGEND21® works exclusively with experienced and passionate professionals who are experts in travel organisation and aficionados of classic cars.


(*) Source: Knight Frank Luxury Index (KFLII) – ANDREW SHIRLEY / Wealth Report Editor – Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index – Classic Car Special 1 2018 – Return on investment over 10 years

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Other intersting article: Profits of Passion, FT Weekend Edition, by Teresa Levonian Sunday February 24, 2013. Returns on property v high-end collectables – – 10 year period through 2012 3Q